Bucket hat

Can anyone please help with this? This is after doing 72 stitches of BLO. I am stuck


Hi! I’m not sure myself… I would try contacting the designer if I were you : )

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I’ll translate correctly, I think this is what trying to be said as writer probably skipped over best feature of ribblr which is being able to scratch off each row/round as you complete it.

Round 2 dc (72)
Round 3 dc (72)
Round 4 dc (72)
Round 5 dc (72)
change color
Round 6 dc (72)
Round 7 dc (72)
Round 8 dc (72)
4Round 9 dc (72)
Round 10 dc (72)
Round 11 dc ( 72)
Round 12 blo dc (72)

I can’t see the pattern so not certain. Does this make sense?


Yes that make a whole lot of sense. Thank you so much