Build Ami Schedule

Thank you for supporting my crochet series! To show you guys how Build Ami will help you make your own amigurumi, for the next 4 Saturdays I’ll be releasing the next few patterns in order:

JUL 16 - T-Shirt Pattern
JUL 23 - Pants and Shoes Pattern
JUL 30 - Removable Jacket Pattern
AUG 08 - Ponytail Hair Pattern

Along the way, I’ll be making my own doll using these same patterns. And my doll will be inspired by Max from Stranger Things :orange_heart:

Follow along for new pattern releases!


Oh my gosh! I love stranger things, the only episodes I have left are Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 :weary:


I binged it when it aired at midnight :shushing_face: :joy: