Calling for pattern testers!

I screwed up on the pattern testing post, and it won’t let me delete the post


How much will be when it is out?

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It will be free! I want to make him open to everyone, and I don’t want to go through the trouble of setting up the website where I will get paid.

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Great but if I do test I can’t click the image to test

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Turns out I did something wrong! I’ve deleted the post and I will repost the testing call within the hour!

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Good luck with testing! I don’t see any link to be able to apply to testing, feel free to visit the help center and use the keyword test to get some answers onto how to do it and what to do while testing, also I noticed that you have to put flaws in the journal, thats typically not a good idea as journals are meant for reviewing public patterns and will be available for everyone who wants that pattern to view and if they see any flaws/mistakes they’re less likely to get it as they will assume thats how the pattern still is. Along with sometimes testers posting screenshots or the actual written pattern for public when asking questions and will be available for anyone to see as well

Of course journals are fine during testing but shouldn’t really be used for pointing out mistakes. That’s where the tester group chat you create comes in, of course you are free to do what you want just a little heads up on that


Oh I love this! Would love to test​:white_heart:

Would love to test this!

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