Can I Have A Business Name That Someone Used For Their Instagram?

  hi! so i finally came up with a business name (Crocheted Dreams) for my business and i searched it up on safari to see if anyone had the same one as what i came up with. i found one person who goes by the same name (crocheted_dreams) and they live in Poland 🙈 

can i still start a business with that name? i don’t want to get in some type of trouble if i do lol


So, if you contact that person and (VERY VERY POLITELY) ask if you can use their name, they might be nice and let you. But you shouldnt just copy the name.


I would choose a different one

Hers may be copyrighted or trademarked. It would be best not to tempt being sued for infringement


that’s what i thought! thank you for the help! :two_hearts: