can i post pictures?

hello! i am brand new here. can i post pictures of my creations? i just finished a hello kitty pattern, and i would love for the creator of the pattern to see my work. is there a way to post pictures?


yes! when you are typing a message there should be some options on the top
on the left of the emojis there is the option to upload your picture, and if you do post make sure to put a @ before their username so they get notified and can see your post <3


thank you!!


You can also make a public “journal” so that the creator of the pattern and others can see your project, you should be able to do this by clicking on the book symbol at the top of your screen (-:


I don’t see a book. Is this something I have to unlock, like a badge?

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Fenella is talking about when you’re in a ribblr pattern, the section under the book button lets you upload pictures, but it has to be related to that specific pattern. Sadly, as it stands, we can’t upload any projects not related to a ribblr pattern.

That being said, you can create a topic like you did for this question to show off your other projects! :slight_smile: