Can’t message testers

Hello! I’m not able to message my testers again! I typed a really long message but it didn’t send :(! @ribblr can I possibly copy and paste my message here and you send it to my testers? I can message them using the message section but I can’t message some people there.


If you go to your summary and click the little enveloppe, you should see it under the “sent” tab

If you go there, can you see it?


Nope, it’s happened before and keeps on happening every like 5 times I try and message my testers…


Are you messaging them individually? Or like a group message? If its individually than you have to wait a minute and you can send it. If you already did a group message it wont let you make another group message without saying it on the first message if that makes sense.


I’m making a group message! Whenever I send the message, I refresh my page and go back to the send message part, it would say “go to group message” but mines still say “message testers”! I tried again a few minutes ago and when I clicked sent, it said “private message sent to testers” but the same thing happened!


Maybe ask if the testers got the message? Or log out and log back in? If those dont help, I dont know what else to do