cant download or find the pattern

I cant download the pattern I bought its the crochet mushroom sweater


Patrerns will be in your “My Patterns” tab. You dont have a download like other sites. This helps protect creators :slight_smile:


First welcome to Ribblr! I hope you enjoy it here :relaxed: and yes you can’t download patterns here on Ribblr they can be found on the app or site depending on what your using, if you need help finding your patterns let us know and I can send screenshots with arrows on how to find it :smile:


ribblr is a self-contained pattern app, shop, and social platform/ All patterns purchased from ribblr are meant to be accessed on the platform in the amazing free interactive format.
The closed system offers more protections to the designers and guards against IP poaching and offers the buyers a subscription and ad free interactive experience that will sync across al of your devices.
To find your pattern, you will click on the diamond -shaped icon located at either the top or bottom bottom of your screen, that will take you to your patterns.
If you have any more questions on how to use the features within your pattern, don’t be afraid to ask. We love to help.


Welcome to Ribblr​:heart:. I can’t find a crochet mushroom sweater. Did the pattern title have other words in it?

Thankfully Ribblr keeps your pattern library private, a nice feature for buyers


Your patterns should be in the square that’s on one of its corners. They are e patterns so no downloading they are nicely kept in your patterns icon the one I’ve circled with white