Case sensitivity for abbreviations

Hi again! Would it be possible in a future update to remove the case sensitivity for the abbreviations? :slight_smile:


Do you mean that when you write DC for example it would show up as dc when you turn Ribbuild mode off?
We need to apply the same format for abbreviations so that we can list, translate, and apply tips and videos to them.

Sorry, should have been more clear! For example, I used the abbreviations “PM” and “SM” for place marker and slip marker, but because I capitalized them, they didn’t show up in the abbreviations list. It’s no big deal to go back and change them, but I figured I’d bring it up because I wasn’t sure if there was a reason for that or if it was just the way they were inputted into the system. Thanks!

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@ClairDeLuneFiberArt Thanks for clarifying and reporting!
These two shouldn’t have been case sensitive and it’s just been fixed. Can you confirm it works?

Cool! I just tried it with PM and it still came up in the abbreviations. Thanks!!


Excellent. Thanks for confirming :slight_smile:

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