Celebratory Sale

After 7 month’s I’ve finally been diagnosed !! I’ve been in horrible pain for seemingly no reason for that long, turns out I have a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome ( CRPS ).

It’s really stinky being diagnosed with this awful disease, but i’m so incredibly relieved to have an answer !! To celebrate i’m started working on two free patterns to release ( a bag and an amigurumi ), but in the meantime the current pattern in my store will be on sale !
I’d love if you could check it out at minniepresents.crochet

Also ! If anyone else out there in this wonderful community has CRPS i would love to talk about it with you, coping mechanisms or our experiences, anything !

Thanks for reading ~



Girl, isn’t it great to know you’re NOT CRAZY! Some of those " medical" professionals make you think you’re nuts. Some of them downright rude.
One doctor, my old one from out of state, 1200 miles away, finally figured out what was going on with me for the last two years.
It’s a relief!


I’m so glad someone figured out what was going on with you !!! You’re so right, some doctors were absolute nightmares !!!
Onto recovery !! We got this :two_hearts:


I’m so glad you can put a name on what you have! Take care :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


That’s great news :heart: (Obviously not the being diagnosed with something bad part) but it’s great that you finally know what it is/what causes the things :blush: I know the struggle of not knowing what is wrong and not being taken seriously before a diagnosis, so I’m glad you found it out, lots of good luck with it though :four_leaf_clover::heart:


Yay for a diagnosis! A really close friend of mine has CRPS so I’ve seen how much it can affect someone’s life, and I’m sorry you have it. I have a couple of chronic pain diagnoses and fighting for an answer can be so hard sometimes (and take an unnecessarily long time:roll_eyes:). Anyway, sending my best wishes! I can’t wait to see what plushies you make, and I’m going to check out your sale right now! :orange_heart:


It’s such a relief to finally have an answer!! :grinning: It took me years to get answers too, and it took about 10 years before my hubby was finally diagnosed with MS. As much as the answer might not be good, at least you know what you’re fighting.

It’s sad that not getting answers without a fight/long wait is such a recurring theme. That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of our medical systems.