challenge of the day - Dec 12 and 13

hi guys sorry i failed you guys again because i forgot to do it yesterday, in my defense i was really busy yesterday but either way here they are!

dec 12th: eat a cough drop (even though your completely fine)
dec 13th: run 3 laps around your house (idk i couldn’t think of one)

when finished say “done:sparkles:” feel free to say which on you completed


finished the first one

I LOVE cough drops! I eat them all the time, so uh
:sparkles:done​:sparkles: for that one
its kinda rainy outside, so i’ll run around the house when it clears up ;D

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Inside or outside-?

DoNe!! :sparkles: ate a watermelon flavored cough drop hehehe :watermelon: I ran 3 laps heeheh wheeze

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I ran 3 laps around the house and I ate a lozenge today does that count? (I don’t own any cough drops)