challenge of the day - Dec 23t

hi guys 2 more days until christmas ahhh! merry christmas eve eve!!! i still have a ton that i need to do so im kinda stressed i also just woke up so this is a bit late but thats okay just an fyi i will not be on ribblr threw the 1st-7th because im going on a trip! i might be able to stop by and say hi for a sec but i won’t be on much so yea but here is the prompt

remake an old pattern of yours and see if you can give it a glow up!

when finished say “done:sparkles:




I was already planning on doing this loo :skull:

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Welp, I don’t have a lot of old patterns lol

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I can do this another day, not when im busy with christmas stuff

Loo :skulla:

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