challenge of the day - Dec 28

guys im so sorry i have been gone since Christmas my life has been really crazy lately! my uncle went into the ER bc his gallbladder exploded but he got it taken out but now he’s back at the hospital for WHO KNOWS WHAT! and bc Christmas is just a crazy time…

crochet your pet a bandana (feel free to send pic :blush:)

when finished say “done:sparkles:

sorry this one wasn’t as good as my normal ones its just kinda late and im tired but i felt bad not doing it for ANOTHER day so yeah…


My bird would not like that… lol

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OH lol rip also WHAT BIRBBB WHAT TYEPEEE (heheh me loveesss birbz)

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I’d do it but my doggy would rip it straight in half and swallow it whole, and my kitten (idc that she’s turning 6 soon she’s still a little kitty) she would rip my face off lol

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dont have a pet w/ me rn :sob:

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I DONT HAVE A PET :sob: (sush ribblr)

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Sorry to hear that OMLET! Hope he’s doing better soon and getting good care now. Hugs!


A Budgie :))

My sister has a pet fish :upside_down_face:

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He would look great with a bandana :relieved: :ok_hand:

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not a bandana, but i made my chinchillas a cowboy hat​:joy:

Hope your uncle is doing better :heart:

I’m praying that your uncle gets better soon! :heart: