challenge of the day - Dec 7

i forgot yesterday well maybe i didn’t wait now im confused aHHHHHHH…

bellyflop onto a family member (im sorry if it hurts)

when finished say “done:sparkles:


Why do I wanna bellyflop onto a family member? :sob:


I bell flopped on my sister… she’s 4 going to 5 in January-

So :sparkles: done :sparkles:

done :sparkles:
Bellyflopped on my brotherr

Wait now I actually want to do it :sob:

my mum would kill me :skull: im skipping todays lmaoo

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I juwt bellyflopped on mt sister, she screamed at me and tried to punch me but done​:sparkles:

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Bellyflopped on my sister! Done​:sparkles:

heheheh rip if i got yall in trouble but GOOD FOR YOU GUYSSS!!!