I thought I would start giving out crochet challenges twice a week and when you complete them tag me and say which challenge you completed at the end whoever completed that most challenges will get a fun prize
The first challenge is to work on a wip that you have not worked on in a while btw you don’t have to finish the wip just work on it for a little bit


How should we show you the completed challenges?


Will you also be completing these challenges with photos?
What kind of prizes will we be competing for?


Also is there a time frame for completion of those challenges?


Exactly how many challenges will there be in this contest? How long will this be going on?


Yes a photo and You just have to do the challenge for 15 mins unless its a challenge like finish a wip that would be whenever you finish the wip also the prizes could be where a journal a pattern for you or I can make custom patterns 5 challenge winners will be awarded one of those prizes

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I would LOVE to do this! Except i dont know what wip, i have un unfinished (supposed to be) mushroom thing i can ipen and close that looks like a tree and a free handed glove, i need to dot he other one :sob:

Go back to the post where I gave the challenge that you completed reply to the post and share an image

I have so many wips remember to reply to this post showing an image of you finished project so I can put on my whiteboard that you completed the challenge

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It will say in the post

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You journal a pattern for me? What does that mean? Also, since you Do not have any patterns in your shop or any public makes, where do I find examples of the custom pattern I’m competing for?


testing a hippo, just need arms, legs, ears and a nose!