If you can try and make stuff for chairity for people with cancer or go on a walk like me and my grandma went on the breast cancer awareness walk
Cancer is a terrible thing so if anyone could donate hats to Mercy hospital chemo patients like my grandma really do appreciate something to wear when they are not wearing their wig and to all the people that have been nice to me my grandma says thank you to those people who were very kind to me . My grandma is going to get a lot of stuffed animals after her surgery and I hope she will like them if anyone sees some. Cute free stuffed animal patterns let me know


If you go to the search for patterns section, you can sort by price low to high and see there is a lot of very cute free patterns on here. So i recommend taking the time to do that as i have seen a lot of very lovely ones. Or if you google ‘free amigurumi patterns’ quite a lot of good ones come up. I hope that helps :slight_smile:



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