Chats have re-opened. Not seeing our chat? Here's how to re-join!

During the last ~12 hours we experienced degraded performance in the community due to issues with the chat. Our engineers have prioritized this task since early AM EST and have now managed to resolve it.

During this time the chat was disabled for approximately 5 hours so that other features will be available and work smoothly.

Not seeing the chat? Here’s how to re-join!

  1. Click the chat icon on the top right
  2. Click the pencil icon within the chat window
  3. Next to ‘Ribblr Chat’ click ‘Join’

Maintaining performance is not an easy task, and is something we constantly do in the background. Unfortunately as we continue to scale rapidly and release new features we may run into issues which we can guarantee will be treated promptly. We appreciate your patience and want to thank you for your support :purple_heart:


Glad everything is working again! Thank you all for fixing the issue :smile: