Chloe Ting Challenge

Has anyone ever done or at least attempted to do the Chloe Ting Challenge? My and my sister have tried at least 4 times already and we keep failing after the second rest day. We’re going to start again for the 5th time tomorrow.


Expound- Chloe Ting???


No, what is that? Lol


Chloe Ting is a YouTuber who makes workout videos. She got really popular during the pandemic and everybody is always trying her videos out because they supposedly give fast results.


I use to do the Chloe ting workouts all the time.


In 2020, I completed 2 weeks shred challenge, then had three rest days and completed summer shred challenge, after this I started hourglass challenge but didn’t complete it because I was really weak after cutting calories and doing such intense exercises for more than a month.
First days of 2 weeks shred challenge were the hardest, I wanted to end it after first test day, but pushed myself not to give up and it lead me to really good results.
(Though I overestimated myself and it brought me health problems such as metrorrhagia, so please, don’t push yourself too hard. The fit look of our bodies is great, but our health is more important.) :two_hearts:


Oh gosh. I definitely will keep that in mind when doing it. I have a heart condition anyway so I’m not the type to be trying to push myself because I could literally put myself in soooo much danger if I do.


All the best!! You and your sister got this!:muscle:t4::muscle:t4::heart::heart::heart:But please don’t push yourself too much coz injuries from pushing yourself too far can be a bigger setback when it comes to exercising regularly.

I’ve not tried any of her challenges (though I know they are effective and give fast results) coz I have my own, personalised fitness routine of 12 years thanks to Taekwondo​:joy: Hence my focus areas are different and I don’t follow a set regime.

Don’t feel bad about not sticking to the routines. Chloe Ting never discourages personalising her workouts so if you feel like something is very tough and is hurting any part of your body, stop doing that particular exercise, substitute it for something simpler like a more rudimentary form of the same exercise.

There are no short cuts to exercising but you don’t have to start off with very intensive exercises. (I’ve seen her videos and some of the workouts seem simple but are intensive all put together in that order)

Depending on what you and your sister want to achieve; shredding or burning fat, staying fit, building stamina, building resistance, building muscles, etc etc…start simple- enough to work a sweat but not so much that you hurt yourself (feeling sore is alright, but extreme pain is a big NO), then keep building the momentum.


Thanks! One thing that I love about Chloe is she doesn’t encourage pushing yourself and makes it clear that everyone isn’t going to get the same results because all bodies are different. And that smile she gives you at the end is always motivating to me.