(Chosen)which yarn color should i use? 🍓

edit: i’ve settled on the cream/off-white on the right! thank you :heartpulse::heart_hands:

hi! i am currently making strawberry granny squares & i can’t decide which yarn i should use as the framing for the strawberry ^^;;; for reference, here is a picture of my yarn & the granny square pattern i’m following!

which should i use? i’m a little worried that the white on the left strains the eyes too much since i chose such a bright red ^^;


this is so cute! i’d definitely go with the cream over the white 🩷


the picture is of red berries on off white yarn and pink berries on white yarn. You have red yarn for red berries, so why wouldn’t you just do the off white that’s in the picture?


@moniquev & @anon5108995 thank you so much for the input! i totally didn’t think about the off-white in the image, i’ll go with that! again, thank u both for the feedback :sparkling_heart::strawberry: