Christmas crochet patterns

Hi everyone, does anyone know of any good-quality quick crochet makes? I’m trying to find things to make for my family but I’m not having much luck sadly :frowning:. Any help would be really appreciated!!!


Hmm, I would consider things that they like whether it’s things they use or things from media they like and find a pattern based on that, for example if they like Pokemon you can make them a crochet pokemon they like or one in general. This can apply to anything really, or if they like flowers you can make them flowers, or even tapestries of things they like, it highly depends on what they like/use so I would consider that first to help guide you to what type of patterns to look for :smile:


Thank you!!! I’ve currently been making granny square style stars and also some family light garland for the Christmas tree

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Just dropped a beanie pattern , I am doing a lot of those for Christmas,!

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