Christmas gifts

Hi guys I need some help lol I decided to crochet the children and some of the adults in my family a Christmas gift but I need some help with like 4 people, my 2 younger cousins (12 year old boy and 9 year old boy) my grandma and my great grandma
Some info if it helps
12 y/o boy is spoiled like he always has the newest game system and gets his moms old phone when she gets the newest iPhone but he’s very shy and usually hides at family things so I don’t know much
9 y/o boy was my little bestie, extremely sweet has always loved me so I know some more but it’s hard to pick lol but he like video games, call of duty, fortnite, he also like Spider-Man (I’m thinking of making him something Spider-Man) he also love’s motorcycles and dirt bikes
My grandma doesn’t show interest in much other than the wii, computer games, candy crush etc. the beach and the casino but she does like wwe and the gamecocks football team
My great grandma is hard bc she’s 84 but she loves shows like price is right, judge Judy, etc. she also used to sew a lot but can’t anymore, when I was watching her I was crocheting and she was very interested and told me how she could crochet some when she was younger but was too scared to do anything more advanced but that her mom could so I thought it would be nice to make her something special

I know this is a lot so I really appreciate anyone who takes the time to read and/or offers advice on what to make, this is the first year I’ll be making gift (since I just started in January) so I want them to be nice :blush: thank you


Simply dishcloths or coasters might be nice for the ladies. Maybe a key chain for all. With the different thoughts you shared.


for the kids, a plush animal can mostly never go wrong, maybe something like a dinosaur or a spider, ect. For your great grandma, you could crochet her a bouquet of flowers, like ones by Fun in Cloud.


For the 12yo, I’d make a Pikachu, it’s surprising how wanted he still is,
I shouldn’t doubtand make a spiderman to the 9yo
For the Candy Crush granny, how about a candy purse hanger, of course one like in Candy Crush
The great grandma might be happy with a crocheted dollar sign, … but probably a heart or flower too, and I bet (great) grandma’s are happy with whatever their (great) grandchildren crochet for them :wink:


I know this will sound strange but what about indoor snowballs for everyone to have fun together


what about the spider from spider man for the 9y/o?