What did you get in your advent calendar today?
I don’t have one but I will buy one today and I will update you!


I haven’t opened it yet, as it is 2am atm, but you’ve just reminded me i have one :0


I got some Himalayan salt as my calendar is crystal/mineral related

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My boyfriend bought me an advent calendar from Legami ! It’s a stationery brand so globally i’ll have some cute stuff like stabilos, masking tapes, pencils etc…today i got a small heart hole punch :heart:.

And as we are celebrating our birthday by 6 months, (this year it will be 4y and half he’s mine) he added also cute gifts. So i also had from him a small pin with a cat saying “Stay Pawsitive” hehe

Don’t worry he got the change bc each year i fill his homemade advent calendar with a lot of things :joy:

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Bath salts mine is from baylis and harding

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As i’m time-twitched from US, today (for me hehe) i opened my 2nd door, here is a pic of what i got yesterday and today :heart:

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