[CLOSED, but DM if still interested] Tester Call! Kore Kerchief

Hi all! I’m looking for testers for my Kore Kerchief pattern.

I believe I will only need 3 testers, but the more the merrier!

A couple requirements: keep a journal of your progress, be able to contact me if there is a problem with the pattern, and complete the kerchief by early April (April 7 as a soft deadline, I am more than willing to work with you).

In return for helping me make this pattern legible, you’ll have the pattern gifted to you :slight_smile:

Pattern uses a 3.5 mm hook and truboo yarn, whatever color the tester prefers. Guage is unimportant in this pattern.


I’d love to test :smiley: I have short curly hair so wear bandanas / scarves / kerchiefs regularly - LOVE the frilly edge trim on this!


I’d love to have you! I’ll get the pattern sent over by the end of the day


How exciting! Thank you :star_struck:


Is truboo yarn a brand or type? I’ve never heard of that. Also I lost that hook, could I use a 3.75 or 3.25?


Oh that is adorable! I’d love to try testing if you still need someone :blush: I actually have some leftover truboo from a previous project, about how much did you need you think?


Truboo is by Lion Brand, and it’s made with bamboo fiber. I can’t think of any substitutions off the top of my head (material or similar swatch size).
I think either hook should be all right for you, since gauge isn’t the most important for this pattern

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Well, darn! I don’t have any of that and funds are tight otherwise what’s a trip to the yarn store? :sweat_smile: It looks super cute though! I would have loved to test. Good luck!

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Truboo is a light weight yarn (3). It is silky soft and flexible with a nice shine to it, so if you can find a yarn similar to that I bet it would still be good :thinking:

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It’s definitely less than a whole skein, but I’d say more than half? I wish I could give a more definite answer, but I’m currently at my college campus and the remainder of the skein is at home :pensive:

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Oh I should have plenty then. I just remembered I undid at least 3 skeins worth (so there’s a ball of it somewhere in the house) and I found a leftover one that’s almost full as well. It’s the color mushroom, I tried to attach a picture of it so let’s see if that worked…

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I’d love to test this out! I just got a new hairstyle and I think this would look great :blue_heart:

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I’ve got some Caron Simply Soft if that would work I would love to test!

Ooh, I love that color

Sure thing!

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Simply soft would likely be too thick for the pattern. If you have a weight 3 (whether it’s cotton, acrylic, or another material), that may work better

@SweetlyStitchuated @JayDeeDee @StargazerLilly

Currently sending the draft your way! DM me if you’re unable to access it by 5 EST (because of me fumbling with ribblr and trying to figure it out lol)


It’s showing now but the pattern isn’t in it

So the draft is coming up under your patterns, but the pattern itself isn’t included?

Yes sorry, should have been more clear. The picture shows and the materials, intro, etc but the actually instructions don’t