(Closed due to lack of interest) Tester call for Crochet pattern: Prism Pal Blueberry

I need testers for my Prism Pal Blueberry - Crochet ePattern

Testing call! (Please read whole post)

I am looking for 4 testers total. I need 2 in Worsted weight and 2 in blanket yarn!
You will need Blue, white, black, and an eye color.

*I’m looking for the testers to check for errors and give feedback on format of the pattern.
*Testers will be required to add a make photo to Ribblr (just a photo, no requirement to sell)
*Testers must have a public crochet Instagram account. Once finished, photos or reels with a tag or link to the pattern are expected.
*Testers must be comfortable with shaping when stuffing.
*yardage for the main color would be extremely helpful, but not necessary

Due date: November 23rd

If you are interested, please comment with what type of yarn you’d like to use along with your Instagram. I hope to be able to select testers by end of day tomorrow.

Communication during test will be through an Instagram group chat. Pattern will not be sent until you are active in the chat group.


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If I can get this pattern before the weekend is over I’d be willing to test this in worsted weight! <3


I’d love to have you test again! I’ll send it right away :blush: