[Closed]Final Free Friday for AmiguruMay

Happy Friday everyone! What an awesome month it has been getting to know all of you with my giveaway questions.

In case you were curious what the popular answers were:
Giveaway 1: What amigurumi were you planning on making this month?
:sparkles: It was a tie between Bunny and Cow :grinning:

Giveaway 2: What is your fav yarn to work with?
:sparkles: Acrylic won, but I got the idea a lot of people prefer the look of fluffy yarn from the explanations

Giveaway 3: What is your favorite color eyes to use on amigurumi?
:sparkles: Plain black eyes were the clear winner and Blue was the favorite color 🩵

Giveaway 4: How did you learn to crochet?
:sparkles: Looks like most of you are self starters and learned via youtube/tutorials. That’s really cool! Though the stories of it being a family tradition warmed my heart :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Alright let’s get into the final giveaway! This giveaway is open to all (you do not have to be following me) I have decided to giveaway 12 patterns for the final round. I will draw 6 winners and each winner will get to choose a pattern from my shop for themself and a pattern for a friend (must be a valid ribblr member).

I hope this helps spread the love :purple_heart:

Free Friday 5
(Open 5/31/24-6/2/24)

How to enter:

:rainbow:Like this post
:rainbow:Comment below you would like to enter and tell me who is your favorite Amigurumi artist or designer (they don’t have to be on Ribblr)
:rainbow: (optional) Tag a friend you think would like my work so they can join too

Thank you all for celebrating with me this month. The support and love has been unreal and I appreciate you all :heart_hands:

Last note, I sell safety eyes, stitch markers and safety eyes tools on my etsy shop. Today is the LAST day to get 20% on those, so if you have been looking today is the last day those items will be on sale. :call_me_hand:

**This giveaway is hosted by Makin Meowgic and is not affiliated with Ribblr in any way. To have an eligible entry you must meet all requirements. Winners chosen the following Monday of the Free Friday post will be directly messaged by this account. You have 48 hours to claim your prize before an alternate winner is chosen. Prize is a ribblr e-pattern and not a physical item. **


I would love to enter! I think that my favorite amigurumi designer is either you bc i loooove your mushrooms or @KaytlynJohnsen i am testing her dragon pattern and it is amazing! @ambre3 @Combre42


I’d love to enter! I think either Wooli or Stella’s Yarn Universe are my favorite shops/designers on Ribblr, I love their patterns.
@SporkyGirl @Combre42 @RainbowPenguin2 @JaeaRenee @EV13isSPOCY @littlemisswonderful @ambre3 @craftycrotcheter


Ooo I hope I win this time! My favorite amigurmi artist is crochetbykittengrll, wondercrochet and @HighLevelBandanas !

@SporkyGirl @JaeaRenee @SunshineStudio @Combre42


:heart_hands: aww thank you


I’d love to enter!!! my fave amigurumi designers are probably @scarletskies, @wooliamigurumis , @Binka , and you as well!! but I think everyone elses shop’s are amazing :sob::pinched_fingers:t6::sparkles:
@maddiecore @sakuracrochets @ellan3326 @sunshinestudio @CreshesxCritters @littlemisswonderful @bubblzcrochet


my fav amigurumi designer might be @SunshineStudio or @MakinMeowgic cuz @SunshineStudio 's freddy the french duck is adorable and your turtles and mushroom are sooooo cute

@Combre42 @Paradise08 @littlemisswonderful @craftycellist @bellzbee @genknits24 @Elaya @FluffyYarnCreations


and theres more
@Scarlettandozzy @Abigation @BubblzCrochet


I would love to enter. My favourite designer is crochet by genna.


I would love to enter! My favourite crochet artists is crochetbykittengrll and knotmichelle! They make such cute patterns ! :heart:


I would love to enter!! I love every designer on Ribblr and their creations!! @TitanWave @crotchetingcreations @Beancrochet @craftycellist


My favourite crocheters are @wondercrochet and @CrochetByGenna. There are a lot of smaller crochet accounts on ribblr that i love but there are so many that i cant name them all @Combre42 @littlemisswonderful @craftybear2


I would like to enter. All of your patterns are so cute! Cameronscutecreations on youtube is my fav. person to watch. She helps with show prep and planning and all that stuff. She also sometimes puts a pattern out


I would love to enter. I really dont have a favorite because there are so many amazing designers, but a current one that I am loving is Nathalie Amiel. I am loving the inclusive amigurumi doll book.


I would love to enter to be able to gift a pattern to one of my friends. I really like @SunshineStudio because all of her designs are so cute! Each and every pattern is unique and really well-made!
@craftycellist is sooo nice when we talk and she also tests all of my patterns!
@EV13isSPOCY makes everything with perfect stitches and everything looks incredible when she is done! I also am super grateful for her for testing my stuff​:yellow_heart:


I would like to enter.
My favorite crocheted at this time would have to be @DreamWeave
We have created a great connection.


i’d like to enter! i luv crochet by genna <33
@JaeaRenee @Combre42 @ellan3326 @sakuracrochets @RainbowPenguin2


I would love to enter. I like Jessica Huffs patterns.


I would love to enter and my favorites are the Twisted Hatter and Grim Grinning Goats. I just love their patterns and the Twisted Hatter is freaking hilarious :laughing:.