CLOSED: PATTERN NOW FREE!Tester call for Crochet: Halloween Boo

I need testers for my Halloween Boo - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Another Halloween Pixel Grid coming your way!! Spooky boo​:ghost: I need 5-6 testers that would like to test this pattern. No instructions just follow the chart!

Rules to apply :

:ghost:Follow my shop!
:ghost:Must be willing to be in a tester group chat
:ghost:Journal/Feedback & 1 photo of completed project is required
:ghost: No yarn requirements!! You may change colors as well. Make a wall hanging or any other project will following my pattern. Cant wait to see the possibilities!
:ghost: Duedate: October 27th!! 2 weeks from today


It looks amazing! I cant test though cause i have to much going on atm. Good luck with testing!


wow thats so cool-looking! I wish i could test but i have alot on my plate rn :melting_face: but guess what?? i finally got more black yarn! so i can make your other graph that i was going to make. (the witch pumpkin one) yay!! :grin: will start it as soon as i can! and ofc i will do a journal too :heart: i usually do