CLOSED!Pattern Test Call For Little Bow Peep Clutch

Hello friends and crafters! I am currently looking for a few pattern testers to test my upcoming pattern, Little Bow Peep Clutch.
Edit: Pattern is ready to send to testers. Be sure to follow my instagram account so that I may share your finished test pattern, once finished. Contact me at so that I may send you the test. Thank you!

The pattern is almost finished and will be ready for testing on January 22.
I ask that you are able to complete the pattern test by January 28th for pattern release on January 30th.
This is a beginner friendly pattern. If interested let me know before the 22nd! I will need at least 5 testers but more are welcome. Please be sure you have time to test. Do not apply if you are unable to do so.
Thank you!! Happy creating and happy testing!


Would love to test for you. What kind of yarnnis needed or can we use what we have?


Worsted weight yarn, but you are welcome to use what you have​:blush:

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Great! Count me in!