*CLOSED* Pattern Testers Needed for my "For the Love of Tulips" Coaster! 🌷🌷🌷

The “For the Love of Tulips” coaster features my own unique take on the tulip stitch with bigger, fuller tulip flowers and a contrasting background to better highlight the flowers. If you’re like me and love everything vintage but like a nice & modern twist, this will make the perfect little set of coasters for you!

The coaster measures approx. 12x12cm (4 ¾ x 4 ¾ inches) and takes under 2 hours to complete.

:tulip: Requirements

  • Public, crochet-related Instagram account.
  • Complete the test (submitting feedback and photos) by July 25.
  • Provide at least one well-lit progress photo and one well-lit photo of the completed project.
  • Promote the pattern on IG on release day.
  • Track yardage used, meet gauge and provide measurements of FO.
  • Check pattern for spelling/grammar/formatting errors.

You are only required to crochet one coaster for the test.

:tulip: Testing schedule

  • Application deadline: July 2
  • Pattern sent out to selected testers: July 4
  • Test deadline: July 25 (3 weeks)

:tulip: What you’ll need

• Approx. 60 m/65 yds of CYC 1 fingering weight yarn in three solid, contrasting colors.
Any plant-based fingering weight yarn you can meet gauge with is fine.
Approx. yardage per color for one coaster: 40 m/43 yds (color A), 6.5 m/7 yds (color B), 13.5 m/15 yds (color C).
• 2.5mm hook
• Tape measure to check gauge
• Scissors
• Darning needle to weave in ends
• Blocking board, 20 pins, steamer for blocking

If you’re interested in testing and can meet all the above requirements, please fill out the application form (link is in my Instagram bio @crochethighway) :yum:

Photos of the coaster:


Hi! I would love to test this beautiful crochet pattern for you, but I don’t have Instagram and don’t have a blocking board. I have an iron but don’t know what kind it is and if I can use it as a steamer. I’ll get back to you as soon as I have more information on this :blush: As I don’t have Instagram, I can’t promote the pattern when it’s released, but I can send you pictures a number of ways, like through email or messages on Ribblr.

I can meet all of these requirements except for the things specified above, and when I have more information on some of the things I’m not sure about I’ll get back to you ASAP. It’s totally ok if you don’t want me to test this pattern because of the things above, I totally understand :blush:
Thanks for taking the time to read this! :heart:
(if you think it’s ok for me to test this pattern, please send me the link to your application form since I don’t have Instagram :blush: )

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Hey @Jkitties123 ! Thank you for your interest in my design :heart:

Is there a place where I can view your crochet work (such as a Ravelry page, for instance)?

The blocking board can be easily replaced by your ironing table/towel on your bed, and if you don’t have a steamer you can always wet block your crochet/knit items (this applies to any project, not just mine!). Do NOT use your regular iron on your knitwear unless the label expressly says it’s okay!

Warm wishes,

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I do have a Ravelry page, I’m fairly new to it but could use that :blush: If you have an email account then I can make a Google doc and share it with you :blush: I could also make a journal on Ribbr for the pattern :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Whatever works for you is great! :blush:
Thank you! :heart:

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My email is thecrochethighway@gmail.com :yum:

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Update: Testers have been found, thank you to everyone who applied! Looking forward to bringing this pattern to life with your help :heart:

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Absolutely beautiful!


Awww thank you!!

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