* CLOSED * Tester call! Crochet: Comfort-cumber Sea Cucumber pillow - PART ONE

Click pattern photo to apply:

Testing for this pattern is split into two parts; the Sea Cucumber and the Pearlfish. This tester call is for the Sea Cucumber only.


  • Due date: December 4th. (Testers will be chosen by November 24th.)
  • Photo of completed pillow.
  • Any yarn sport weight (2) to worsted (4). Any color/material.
  • Any hook suitable for yarn.

Journal is appreciated, but not required. Testers who complete a journal will be gifted a paid pattern from my shop as thanks (there are a LOT more coming in the next month+!)


Forgot to mention that the Pearlfish part of this pattern can be frozen/heated! The finished project is intended to be used as a cool/warm therapy pillow. :slight_smile:


Man i wish i had time this is so awesome! Good luck with testing!


Approximately how much yarn did this require? And is the yarn ombre or different colored Yarns?

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Love this! Good luck with testing. :laughing:

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It took around 750 yards of gauge 3 yarn. I used Lion’s Mandala, but any yarn will work. Would actually make a pretty good stashbuster.

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How soon will you be testing the pearl fish?

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Hopefully by next week.

I should also mention that I waffled on whether this pattern should be considered beginner or intermediate based on the Pearlfish design. I settled on tagging it “advanced beginner”, but it may well be intermediate.