CLOSED Tester call for Crochet: 3-IN-1 |Mini No-sew| Whale, Dolphin, and Shark

I need testers for my 3-IN-1 |Mini No-sew| Whale, Dolphin, and Shark - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

:whale: I will pick testers on monday, Jan 8
:shark: You must complete by Jan 20. You only need to make a dolphin or a shark, so that I know that the fin and/or nose patterns are understandable.
:dolphin: This will be a free pattern.
:x: Please don’t abort!
If you don’t have any karma, just reply to this message and you will have a better chance of getting in.


Looks so cute


So cute, I love the dolphin the most. Could I try it with #5 yarn?


These are adorable!! Can I please do the shark?


For sure!


If you get picked, by all means you can do the shark!


I love it! I need the shark or dolphin!
Edit: I definitely want the dolphin!


So cuteeee

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Is it possible to use chenille yarn for this and embroider eyes instead?

Yes you could.

Hi I’m a young crocheter and would love for this pattern to be my first ever tested. If you do chose me, I have parfait chunky yarn which is size 6 and please be patient and understanding. I am new to ribblr but have made a few cute amigurumi animals before. I would love to do the dolphin so once I’m done I can give it to my cousin. Dolphins are her favorite animal.

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Hi! This looks great and I reckon it would look good as a keyring :smiley:. I have applied :slight_smile:

ready to test for you, will help anyway i can

Awww this is so cute I would love to test for you

Sooo cute idk what my karma is soooo

Omg, they are so cute. I would love to test this pattern for you :heart:

It would make a great keychain!

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I love dolphins too!