Closed! Tester call for Crochet: adorable low-sew rat

I need testers for my adorable low-sew rat - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

due date: 29th of july
post a journal (I never received feedback from the testers of my frog pattern)
follow my etsy shop: bymarliesfoyou
please use fluffy yarn, otherwise it may look odd

I’ll choose testers today or tomorrow:)


I followed your etsy!I would love to test this cutie!


I’d love to test this pattern, would be so cute for your furbabies​:blush:


I don’t have fluffy yarn, can you remove me please?

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Would love to test it. I have a thicker velvet yarn that would be perfect for it. If thats also okay I would be super happy to test it today. I also followed you on etsy :smiling_face:

Thank you for choosing me :smiling_face: I will try it out asap and send you a private message as soon as I finished :two_hearts:

Not sure how to follow on Etsy :see_no_evil: I don’t have Etsy but I think I follow on insta if I remember correctly :see_no_evil:

I’d love to get to test this pattern

Super cute pattern! I am sorry you didn’t receive journals/feedback on your last pattern): I promise if I am chosen, I will post a detailed journal with pictures!

For this pattern, I have velvet yarn that I can use (:

Oh this is so cute! I’d love to test :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I have enough velvet yarn so that should be fine!

I tested before many times, you can see that on my Instagram if you want. I’m so sorry some people didn’t give you feedback when testing!

If still looking for testers for tomorrow i can do it!

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@leaders please close this