[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: Alpine Heights Earwarmer

Hello! I am looking for folks to test my new pattern, Alpine Heights Earwarmer. It would be helpful to have a mix of confident beginner to advanced skill levels to ensure the pattern is readable by all. This is my first pattern I’ve written for folks outside of myself & my friends so please let me know how easy it is to understand!

I will pick testers in ~72 hours.

The due date is Nov 26, which will be two weeks from the date I will pick testers. This is a fairly quick & simple pattern that repeats. I can typically work one of these headbands up in a few hours (so they’re great for last minute gifts!)

You may use any yarn and hook. For this pattern I recommend at least a worsted weight yarn for warmth & acrylic fiber for stretch.

Other materials used in the pattern:
-darning needle for seaming

-Post a public journal of at least the completed item on or before the due date. Progress journals are not required but appreciated. Please do not put pattern issues in journals, rather bring them up in the group chat.
-Communicate any mistakes, questions, issues, etc in tester group chat
-Please post a message in the group chat, even just an emoji or gif is fine! Testers who have not acknowledged the group chat after 3 days of the test opening will be removed.
-Complete the pattern and journal before or on the due date. If you need a 1-2 day extension on the due date, please let me know ASAP. Due to time zones, I will not close testing until the last time zone has hit midnight, so you can use your local time & calendar to know when the pattern is due.

Skills used in this pattern:
-chaining (and working into a chain)
-single crochet
-double crochet
-front post double crochet

If you complete the pattern & the journal before or on the due date, you will be gifted the pattern! Late projects will not be gifted unless you’ve talked with me about an extension. Thanks for your understanding on this!

Please let me know if you have any questions before you apply! I sincerely appreciate the time & effort testers put into making patterns the best they can be :blush:

Click pattern photo to apply:


Oo this looks so cool! Id love to test for you!


Id love to test for you. My yarn choice would be lion brand ombre in the color cool and I am an advanced crocheter.


Beautiful pattern. I would like to pattern test.


Good luck with testing


Thank you!


I would love to test this pattern.