Closed Tester call for Crochet: Baby panda squishie

I need testers for my Baby panda squishie :panda_face:

Quite fast to make, the due date is September 5th :sparkles:

Providing a journal is required :heart_hands:

Any yarn types are allowed :cherry_blossom:

Pattern will be gifted upon completion :gift:

(If aborted you will not be chosen for future tests)

Testers will be chosen on August 29th :crystal_ball:

Click pattern photo to apply:


again love the pattern :heart:


Thank you :white_heart:

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so cute <3

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Thank you <3

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So cute i would love to test!!! <3

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i hope i get picked

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Love it!! Donโ€™t have time but good luck!

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So cuute!

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Iโ€™ve also applied for the baby duck squishie. If you only choose me for one it should be the panda because I already have the yarn to complete it. Thanks!

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so cute