[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: Cauldron Bowl with Lid

I need testers for my Cauldron Bowl with Lid - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

I’m looking for a few testers for this no-sew cauldron! It has two different lids to choose from, if you want one at all :slight_smile:
Depending on how many people reply, I might choose them between 3rd and 5th October.
This will be a paid pattern when it releases.

It measures 18 cm in width and 11 cm in height–if you want a bigger cauldron, @MissDaisies have just released a pattern for a beautiful cauldron that you can check out!

What I expect from you as a tester:

:star: Post a photo of the finished make in a journal
:star: Point out flaws in the pattern and keep an open line of communication in the tester chat
:star: Be able to finish the pattern before the deadline/due date; 21th October
:star: That you know when you apply that you will have time to finish it!

This pattern is quite simple as a whole, but due to its size it might still take some time to make.

Not finishing the pattern/not communicating can mean that you won’t be chosen to do more tests!

You can use whatever colors, yarn and hook size you like, but the smaller your hook size, the sturdier the cauldron will be!
I used bulky weight yarn and a 5 mm hook for mine.

Please let me know if you have any questions! :blush:


I applied, I like how this pattern looks, this is the first I have seen that includes a lid :).


I’ve applied. I, too, like the lids.


I would love to test.


I would love to test! I’ve been looking for a good pattern for a candy bowl cauldron to add to my crochet Halloween decor & this looks absolutely perfect :star_struck:


Dawm- you work fast lol
I won’t be testing due to personal beliefs but have fun!


@TheTreeLober Haha, yes :sweat_smile: I have about 150 ideas that I want to make into patterns, and I can’t wait to get them done :joy: But this cauldron has actually taken me a bit–I started working on it 11th September and somehow didn’t finish up the pattern until yesterday!
And it’s good that you don’t go against your personal beliefs :blush:


I really love the look of this, good luck with your test!


:fearful: dawm-

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Thank you, all who have applied and commented! I’m so happy so many people are interested in making the cauldron :blush:
I hope the chosen testers have a really great time making it!

@leaders Hi! Can you please close this post? Thank you :slight_smile:

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