Closed - Tester call for Crochet: Chibi Spiderman Plush (x 2 versions)

I need testers for my Chibi Spiderman Plush - Crochet ePattern

Ive got both a Miles and a Peter version of Spiderman. He works up super quick! The longest part is sewing him together and making the spider logo! I used Premier Parfait Chunky but i am okay with testers using any yarn they prefer!

Miles has a bit more sewing on it with the shoulder pieces, but much fewer in-line colour changes. Feel free to apply to one or both.

Spider can be made via embroidery, felt pieces, needle felting, or however else you want to add it on!

Requirements of Testers:

  1. Finish pattern within 2 weeks of receiving it

  2. Make a public journal on ribblr so i can follow your progress [if you havent started after 1 week of sending the pattern i will be following up]

  3. Send me any tips/issues/constructive criticism or advice in regards to the pattern

  4. Optional: Post about the test and/or pattern release on your social media and link back to me

What you will get:

  1. A free pattern once the test is done!

  2. A cute plushy that you can keep, give away, or sell at a local craft fair [no online sales please due to the character being copywritten]

  3. A tester appreciation post on Instagram [if you send me your handle and a finished photo]

I am hoping for 3-4 Testers for each pattern. Feel free to apply to only one or to both - i will be picking testers by the 26th! :slight_smile: Hoping to release both patterns by November 10th!

Click pattern photo to apply - click the photo of the version you want to test!


omg theyre soo cute! idk what i would do with it tho it would just sit there sadly :melting_face: good luck with testing theyre adorable!


I would defiantly love to test either one (I applied for both)


these are so cute!


I would love to test both. I would be able to do them next week after I get back from a work trip.


Testers have been chosen! Please check your testing patterns and start a journal within 7 days!