Closed Tester call for Crochet: Cora the Cow

I need testers for my Cora the Cow - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hello everyone! I need 8-10 testers for my cow pattern.
~ you will have 10 days to complete this pattern but feel free to message me if you need more time for a specific reason
~ I am requireing a journal. And you must also send pictures
~chat is for edits + questions, journal is for review
~you will be gifted the pattern at the end but if you don’t make the deadline and you don’t message me why you will be removed
~ you may use any color of yarn

I think that’s it! Comment any questions


What a cutie i would love to test it :heart:

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Soooooooo ADORABLE!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hiiii i’m fairly new here but I am an avid crocheter! I would LOVE to make this cutie but in a pink baby yarn i’ve been holding out on :two_hearts:


I would love to test this adorable cow but I have a couple of large projects that need my attention.

It’s so cute though :heart_eyes:
Good luck to the chosen testers.


I need to test this

Like really bad

Like really really bad


Oooh it’s so cute. I love cows and tomorrow I’m going yarn shopping anyways. I’d love to try It with a thicker junky yarn. I’m fairly new to this site so I never tested a pattern but I’d love to try it out. I could also ask a complete beginner or someone with more experience than me to crochet along with me and give feedback together

This is one of the best cow patterns I have ever seen! It would be such an honor to make it for such a talented crafter! I also have a few beautiful yarns that would work perfect! Have a great day!

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This cow is so adorable I hope I get to test

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