(CLOSED) Tester call for Crochet: Froggy Wallet

Hello, I need testers for my Crochet Froggy Wallet. It takes around 2 and a half hours to finish. It takes less than half a ball of green yarn, even less white yarn as well as minor amounts of black and pink yarn.

  1. Please leave a journal and keep in touch
  2. The deadline to be finished is the end of Feb 4th
  3. Number 4 medium yarn is the required size
  4. The materials you will need are: yarn, 3.5mm hook, felt (or another material to make the face details) scissors and hot glue.
  5. When you are finished please send a photo
  6. Please give detailed feedback
    I will be choosing two testers, one experienced tester and one less experienced tester. (Based on the amount of previous patterns tested) I will choose a tester on January 31st.
    Click pattern photo to apply:

This is adorable‚Äč:heart_eyes: would love to test‚Äč:star_struck::smiling_face:


Hello everyone, I have chosen my testers! @froggosstitches and @Kymgemme thank you everyone who applied! I will be doing a pattern bundle give away for the froggy wallet and purse! Again, thank you to everyone who applied!