Closed!!Tester call for Crochet: goat plushie

I need testers for my goat plushie - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hi, I created this pattern, because my brother wanted a goat plushie:)
Testing conditions:
due date: 11th of august
follow my etsy shop (comment below if you did)
follow my ribblr
let me know which yarn you’d use
make a journal
provide feedback

Testers will be choosen today or tomorrow.
If you buy a pattern from my ribblr or etsy shop you’ll immediately be choosen as a tester if you want to (let me know if you did)
Thank you so much for your help!!


:running_man: :running_man: definitely would love to test for you!!! :). :dizzy: :crossed_fingers:


Also, I followed you, but I sadly don’t have etsy. Is that alright?


Sorry for the repeated messages :sweat_smile:. I’d use Bernat Blanket!! :).


Wait how is he so cute :joy:


I would love to test this! I’d use acrylic and I have followed you :).

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I’d love to test

I’ll use craft smart yarn

What’s your Etsy shops name? I would use sweet snuggles btw

Nevermind I found it and followed (:

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I would love to test!!! I would use plush white yarn with maybe some colorful accents if I can :blush:

What’s your Etsy?

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If you go to their shop, it says it there. It’s the same username as on here.

Oh ok thank you!

Just followed

Hello I already follow you on Ribblr and I love your posts and the rat pattern is just :star_struck::heart_eyes:
I now follow your Etsy, I would love to be a pattern tester for you and I would use James C Brett’s flutterby yarn as it works best for me and works with the patterns I use,
I already have all the yarns I would use to hand so I would be ready to get started right away
thank you for your consideration :heart::smiley:

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Would love to test! Goats r my fav lol​:face_holding_back_tears:

It’s so cute! my kids have been asking for more Farm Animal toys. I’d love to test for you. In the spirit on honesty though, I might need until next week to work on it. My husband’s birthday is the 11th and we have plans for the week/weekend with friends. So I understand if I can’t, but if the date can be extended I’d really love to. I’d use various blanket yarns I have, all of them size 6 Super Bulky.

It’s so cute <3 I’d use DK weight yarn with a 3mm hook

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I have plush/chenille yarn in silver and white that I would love to make this in for you

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