CLOSED: Tester call for Crochet: Guardian of the Orb

I need testers for my Guardian of the Orb - Crochet ePattern
Due Date: 6/21/24

Click pattern photo to apply:
Guardian of the Orb

Additional Requirements: I’m looking for 3-4 testers for my pattern! He’s a tiny frog who protects a magic orb! He also makes a great magnet.


  • Yarn weight 4 in two colors
    *Small amount of yarn for the frog eyes
    *3mm hook
    *Stuffing, yarn needle for sewing, stuffing
    *Optional magnet(s)

Please send feedback on anything that needs fixing/clarification like missed stitch counts, numbers off, the way things sound, etc. Feel free to change yarn weights and colors and hook size.

If you’re interested please apply! I’ll choose testers tomorrow evening.


@leaders Will you close this for me please?