CLOSED Tester call for Crochet: *** hidden text ***

I need testers for my *** hidden text ***

This pattern test is needing intermediate crocheters. Not your basic pattern this time. Although maybe my testers will decide differently. There are pictures and videos included, with the option to create more if needed. I have tested this several times myself, so now I need to see if it works for others.

You can use any medium 4 yarn, I used Red Heart Super Saver.

Karma points are not so important to me. New to Ribblr are welcome to apply also. Most important is someone who does not have a lot of other tests going already. I need people that can start soon, and hopefully work on it at a steady pace. Commitment to the project, I guess is the wording I am looking for.

Journals are no longer needed until after I publish the pattern. Communication should be within the group message I will send. Don’t be shy, we are all testers. Let me know your thoughts, and see your progress. In the group message though. Updates to the pattern will be made as we go along.

I may block portions of the pattern until proof of progress is shared. However this could slow everyone else down also. Let’s discuss that also if needed. It may be dependent on the testers chosen.

I would be happy with just a few dedicated people. Is that you?

Completion will not only give you this pattern, but it will be included in a bundle, yet to be created. When I make more patterns in the future, you will get those also. Plus the one I have for sale now.

I put my heart into this one. Help me showcase it.


How pretty! Before I apply I just would like to know if you’re okay with any colors? I actually also have some red heart super saver yarn I need to finish although depending on how much is used the colors may end up mixed and matched lol :laughing: I completely understand blocking the pattern and I’m fine with that along with posting the progress photos in the group chat and not the journal as well :smile: (If I’m chosen lol)


When would your start and due date be?


Any colors are fine. Even mix and match. :wink: Total weight of all colors is 2.4 or 2.5 oz.

I’m not in a hurry for start or end dates really. Just ready, finally, to have the process start. Start would be dependent on the testers, I guess. My hardest to deal with is all testers done but one hasn’t even started yet. :crazy_face:


So cute


Thanks for clarifying! I applied, I wonder if there’s a way to block the pattern on individual testers that way if one finishes that section you can unlock that part for them and they continue on and not have to wait? Or is it if you block a section it applies to everyone?

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As far as I know it’s all or nothing. It should be separated though. I think we need a suggestion topic for this. I guess maybe I could make a copy of the pattern and give each one a different one?

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I deleted the picture, and title. So it will be more of a surprise when it comes out. :wink:

Testers have been selected, and messaged. Check your testing tab and messages.

Excited for this one.