Closed! Tester call for Crochet: no-sew crab plush

I need testers for my no-sew crab plush - Crochet ePattern
Material: please use similar colors and plush yarn if possible (commet what you will use)
work time: 1,5 hours
Due Date: 6th of june
Additional Requirements: follow my ribblr shop and my etsy (bymarliesforyou)
Click pattern photo to apply:
no-sew crab plush


This is so cute! I don’t think you can heading following other media/shops as a requirement though :grin:


very cute!!~

Awwww adorable :two_hearts::white_heart:

I’d use sweet snuggles lite! I can make it in similar colors :grin:

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Aagghhhhh sooo cute! Gl with testing :))

I will use Big Twist or Redheart acrylic in red and black.

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I would use just chenille in black and a chenille yarn that is red ( it’s from the dollar tree but wasn’t just chenille)

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