[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: No-sew Hobbit Buddy

I need testers for my No-sew Hobbit Buddy - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hi! I’m looking for around 5 testers to help me test my new no-sew pattern for the hobbit buddy, inspired by Samwise Gamgee!
It is not incredibly difficult, but some crochet background is required.

If you’d like to apply:
:star:Have a public crochet account on Instagram!
:star:Be able to finish the plushie by the 15th of December, take photos and feel comfortable with me sharing them!

The call will be open until Wednesday, the 6th of December, 4 PM CET! The testers will be chosen subsequently.


:sob: I don’t use Instagram. But I love your pattern! Good job!


Applied my account on Instagram is
Is there any particular yarn requirements?
Because I’d use worsted ……
I love the LOTR books and movies


Hi! thanks for applying! It would be best to use two types of yarn, a bigger and a smaller weight, as I used two types in the pattern - the hair, suspenders and the leaf are made out of a smaller yarn than the rest of the doll. I think, hovever, that you might manage with just one yarn size if you were to use two strands for the portions calling for a bigger yarn size!


No worries! Thank you so much for your love and fret not - the pattern will be available on ribblr for free later on anyways :wink:


Ok perfect :grin:

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I love this!!! I love the LoTR books, and movies! I would love to do other characters too!



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Hi! The tester call is now closed and the testers have been contacted, so @leaders I would appreciate a change in the title :wink: