[CLOSED] 🐰 Tester call for Crochet pattern: Round mini Bunny (no-sew) 🐰

Thank you so so so much to everyone who left nice comments or volunteered!
I have picked all the testers and they’ve been messaged.

I need testers for my Round mini Bunny (no-sew) - Crochet ePattern

I’m looking for 3 - 6 testers for my Bunny pattern! I would like testers of varying skill levels:
The pattern itself is beginner friendly, but since this is my first time making a pattern, I would like some experienced people for feedback as well. ^-^

Time limit - 1 week after receiving the pattern. The pattern is quite simple and fast to work on!
I’ll choose the testers in a few days, depending on how many people are interested, ofc.

I would like to promote creativity and spark inspiration with this pattern: I would prefer all the testers use different colors and get creative with adding details!

If you want to test, please:

:hibiscus: Be able to finish the project on time

:hibiscus: Have all the materials needed - any chunky yarn will do. For details, you’ll need either safety eyes, fine yarn for embroidery, or felt.

:hibiscus: Provide a picture of the finished product
(The pictures will be shared on the pattern. I will share finished pics on my Instagram as well, so if you can follow me there, etc ^-^ ( @vidascrochet ))

:hibiscus: Provide constructive criticism and feedback

:hibiscus: Comment down what color you wanna use for the bunny and what kind of details you want to do (safety eyes, embroidery, felt, etc.). Any colors are fine, I’m just looking to have a nice variety!

Thank you all in advantage! <3


I would love to test it! The bunny is absolutely adorable! :two_hearts::laughing: I’ll more than likely use safety eyes and felt, and the color would be brown!


I would make white or pastel pink or pastel purple!


Really cute! Good luck with testing! Congrats on paattern!


I can make a black bunny and use safety eyes!

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I would happily test this for you :smile: I am intermediate level and i have a big variety of colours here. I would use safety eyes, and a little safety nose, i have safety noses in pink, black and light brown. Which would look nice with certain yarn colours :slight_smile: And i would add blush 100%. My instagram is hunni.crochets and i will follow you shortly :smiling_face: I could easily make 2 in that time. So i thought Beige with the brown nose would look cute. Then maybe my multi coloured yarn (mix of pastel yellow, white, pink, purple, blue) with a pink nose. Maybe even 3 as i have so many colours haha :smile:

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I would love to test! I would do a sparkly pink bunny with felt eyes and little embroidered cheeks!

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What a gorgeous bunny!
I have safety eyes and so much embroidery thread so would use it for the details other than eyes, maybe even a cute clover being eaten but the bunny​:laughing: l would love to do a rainbow bunny with soft gradient yarn or a navy or teal bunny​:heart_eyes: or a seal point bunny with a little grey face and ears and a cream body.

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This patterns is adorable! Good luck with testing! :heart:

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This bunny is adorable!! I’d love to test! I have safety eyes, embroidery thread for the nose and blush and I’m thinking of doing a white, beige and possibly black combo for the bunny!

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What an adorable bunny! I would love to test him out :slight_smile:
I would use either this peachy colored chunky yarn I have, or some white. I have safety eyes and lots of felt and embroidery floss :slight_smile:

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Hi I would love to test it for you! I am intermediate. I would use safety eyes. Also I would try with a multicolor yarn as well to see how it looks

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It is a very cute bunny. I would love to test. Most likely a variegated pastel (blues/pink/white) or grey with safety eyes.

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I woild like to test! I have a really nice white and purple yarn :blush: