[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet pattern: Sakura - chubby cats with dango & mochi

Hello everybody! These are my chubby cats Sakura, baby and big :slight_smile: They enjoy the hanami dango and mochi to celebrate the blossom of the cherry trees!

I just finished the pattern that will be released here on Ribblr exclusively, and I’m looking for testers, some for the S size and some for the L size.

How to apply:

★ have a public Instagram crochet account and link it in your answer here on Ribblr so I can see it

★ follow me on IG @ highlanderscrochet (Login • Instagram), like and save the post

★ sharing the post on your IG story and tag me (otherwise I won’t be able to see it)

★ comment which one you’d like to test

★ be able to finish within a week from the receipt of the pattern (approximately by Monday, 20th June)

★ post the finished product on your IG feed and tag me on pattern release day

★ allow me to use your photos in the testers’ appreciation post on launching day

★ actually test it and give me feedback, also on the clarity of the instructions (the pattern is in English and I am native Italian)

Thank you :cherry_blossom:


i would love to test it :butterfly:


I would love to test.


I would love to test the small one!!!
My Instagram is @chia_crochets


I’d love to test the L size one, also posted a comment on the insta post just in case (@wolfje_kim)

If you wanna see some of my previous projects, here’s a link to my journals: https://ribblr.com/journal/WolfKvB :heart:


I’d love to test the small one
My Instagram is @YZUHandmade


I would love to test any of them! Preferably the L one, but i would make it dark red, gray or sky (fluffy yarn in blue and white), if not, i can make a small one for sure in any color.
My insta is @crochet_addict_here


Hi, I’d love to test S size for you