CLOSED - Tester call for Crochet pattern: Valentine Bunny


Valentine’s Day is coming, this cute bunny can bring joy to someone.

I am looking for beginner or intermediate crocheters who are familiar with MR, sl st, sc, cl, ps, sc3tog, 3-sc inc, inc, dec, FLO, BLO, invisible FO terms. The pattern is full of instructions, so I warmly welcome anyone who wants to learn some new stitches. :slight_smile:

Testers will be chosen and contacted on or by 19 January 2023.
The deadline is 25 January 2023.

Before the release of the pattern the testers will receive a free final version and will be mentioned as testers in the pattern.

You can post pictures of the pattern progress, tagging @brikoba on the social media or you can create a journal on Ribblr.

You have to check the accuracy of the pattern, provide feedback and photos of the finished item.

You will need a crochet hook some yarn, a tapestry needle, sewing yarn (little sewing skill), stuffing, optional - security eyes, wire and glue.

I used 2.5 mm ( 4/0 - C2) hook and Schachenmayr -Catania Originals yarn (50gr-125m, 1.75 oz-137 yards).

I worked with YU technique, you can work with YO just keep in mind the finished item will be slightly different.

You can use any yarn just adjust the hook size.

Thank you! :heart:


Wow this is so cute! I wish i had the time to test it for you!!! Best of luck!!!


I will test for you if you still need testers


This is adorable! i would absolutely love to test


so cute! i would love to test for you!:slight_smile:


@croshayna @Aldybee @DDerrick80 you can find the pattern under your Testing tab. For any questions I`m here. Thank you! :heart: