Closed-Tester call for Crochet: Peppermint Twist Coaster

Hey Guys
It’s 110 in the shade in my neck of the woods and all I can dream of is a blast of cold air. Since I can’t have that, the next best thing is to work on holiday crafting to take my mind off the oppressive heat.

Are any of you starting your fall market preparations? This is the latest of my holiday themed coasters/mug rugs.

#4 weight preferably cotton but any #4 will do
5MM crochet hook
Should be familiar with changing yarn colors
Complete testing by 3 July

I need 2-3 testers who will not sign up then ghost me
Provide 1-2 photos of finished coaster
Complete a public journal


I need testers for my Peppermint Twist Coaster - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:


Oh my goodness Sandi, thats freakin hot over where you are! Send a few degrees over here, lol! Also, I thought this was a post from Christmas that got dug up recently, I definitely did a double take on the date this was posted :rofl::rofl:

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Just applied, have the supplies on hand, and won’t :ghost: you. Cute pattern and I need these for my Christmas decor! I made a peppermint throw pillow cover last year.

Ooh I’d like to test! Never made coasters but I’m familiar with all the things and stuff

I would love to test!! This is sooo cute !! I wont ghost you!