(Closed) Tester call for Crochet: Pigocado/ Pig avocado

I need testers for my Pigocado/ Pig avocado - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

I’ll be choosing 5-8 testers and the pattern is a bit confusing so if testers have any questions they should contact me privately! Read these BEFORE you apply!

  1. Looking for people who is a bit more advanced

  2. If you don’t get chosen this pattern will be published for free so you can get it there!

  3. Plush yarn is required but any weight will be fine

  4. Choosing testers on June 19th

  5. I will be expecting testers to be done on June 21st but if you are sure you won’t be able to finish by then PLEASE DON’T apply

  6. Testers will be gifted the pattern after finishing

If I missed anything feel free to ask and I will add on to the list! Is anyone interested?


i can’t test but geez this pattern is so cute!!


Tyy! Appreciate you fully :heart_hands:


Would I be able to use velvet yarn? I don’t have the right colours in plush yarn, but I can do everything else!


You can choose any color because the color won’t matter! But yes you could use velvet yarn!