[CLOSED] Tester call for Crochet: Pineapple

I need testers for my Pineapple - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Meet Goldie Pineapple! This is my first pattern tester call on Ribblr so forgive me if I miss anything.

  • I will be selecting testers on 12/11.
    *There The pattern is written for a size 6 bulky yarn with a 4.5mm hook that came out to be 5"tall and 2.5"wide, but you may adjust to personal taste or yarn size.
    *Please use the group chat for all communication, feedback and suggestions.
    *Feedback I would like: Spelling corrections, terminology, what level of skill do you think the pattern is? , row counts, etc.
    *Please leave a journal reviewing the pattern with a finished picture.
  • (optional) Allow me to post your finished product picture on my instagram for promotion.
    *(optional) Leave your Social handle and I will be sure to follow and tag you
    *Due date will be 12/17 so please only apply if you have the time to. It is a quick pattern. And maybe a good gift :wink:

It’s refreshing to see something “tropical” amongst all of the winter themed projects. I would love to try this out for you. I don’t have any other projects at the moment so I would be able to finish quickly.

Also, no prob if you want to include it on your socials.


This is so adorable! :pineapple::white_heart:

More than happy for you to include my finished picture on instagram, my instagram is hunni.crochets :sparkles:


Thank you!


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I would love to test this pattern for you if I still can because the date says 12/8 you will be selecting

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Yes! So sorry! I meant to put the date for 12/10. See you’re already catching my mistakes :sweat_smile:

It’s okay I’ve made mistakes like that before great job for your first tester

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It is so cute with the flower :cherry_blossom: I would love to test it :heart:

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I love to test for you :smiling_face: so cute :pineapple:

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