(CLOSED) Tester call for Crochet: Pistachio the Turtle (LOW-SEW)

I need testers for my Pistachio the Turtle (LOW-SEW) - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

hey!! another new pattern to test!! Pistachio the Turtle!!

This is a quick pattern that should take 30-60 mins, depending on your crochet speed.

Im looking for 5-7 testers!

Journal is required with feedback/photo. (Your photos may be included in the pattern pictures, so be aware)

Please give me CONSTRUCTIVE feedback! id love to know what I can improve on.

:bangbang:IF YOU FIND MISTAKES PLEASE REACH OUT AND LET ME KNOW ASAP​:bangbang: My goal is to improve on pattern writing, and make sure once the pattern is released, that it is easy for everyone to use.

Do not back out of this tester call or you may not be considered again in the future.

Please use any yarn you want. (I would prefer #6 yarn, but if you can’t thats okay)

Due date will be July 18!

Pattern will be gifted if fully completed before, or on July 18.

I will be making a group chat for all testers to share pictures, and for questions/comments.

Any questions, feel free to message/comment me!

Thank you!! :turtle::green_heart::herb:


Aww it’s so cute! I can’t test, but good luck!


thank you!! :purple_heart:

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I wish I had fluffy yarn that matched the colors! Maybe next time. Looks amazing! Keep up the good work!


It looks so cute! I’d love to test it


thank you so much!! :two_hearts:

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great!! thank you!


I love testing for you but I’ve got so many tests I need to finish up lol


Too cute :purple_heart:

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I’ve applied! I have some super bulky yarn that would look so cute with this pattern, but I’d also make a second one with chunky yarn to give the pattern a decent run <3

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So cute!

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thank you!!

I would love to test :heart:

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thank you to all that applied! everyone is approved