Closed: Tester call for Crochet: Shimmer The Unicorn

I need testers for my Shimmer The Unicorn - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Okay guys! I’m close enough that I think I’m ready for someone to start on some of the pieces!!! I need to input the instructions for the curls and how to assemble but that will be done shortly!

This pattern is set to release December 1st.
I want testing to be done by November 30th.

I will be pickier with this pattern test as I’ve put years of work into the making of this pattern.

If you have tested for me before you know that I encourage social media posts. I want you to tag me and for your friends to know that you are testing my crochet pattern.

To be considered to test this pattern:

*you must click on the photo (obviously :smiling_face:)

  • you must follow my shop
  • you must follow my TikTok / Instagram
  • I will be looking at your past makes

Bonus points if you tag someone who loves unicorns, too! :unicorn: :smiling_face: and one reason why you would like to be picked to test.

I will be choosing my testers on Monday, October 30th! The amount of testers I want to choose I’ve not decided on yet.


I would love to test Shimmer! I think this pattern looks amazing, and I have a lot of baby girl cousins who would love to have their own. :blush: I would use chenille (with some sparkle in it of course! ) yarn for the test! I added you on Instagram, but I don’t have a TikTok. I hope that would be okay!


I would love to test. My niece loves unicorns.


Either or is perfect! :star_struck: can’t wait to see all the shimmers with this test!


I really want to make one in a starry night theme! :blush: Like a sleepy time buddy.


Oooooohhhh I love that!!! :star_struck:


First and foremost, Shimmer is such a sweet adorable unicorn! Secondly, I had to see if I was following you on instagram but sadly I wasn’t but now I am! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I would love to test this pattern and help you out.

Are you ok with us changing up the colors? I was thinking either of like a punk rocker (hair being bright pink, yellow and black, body white) or a magical (body mint green and hair light pink and lavender)


Oh that’s gonna be cute! The colors can absolutely be changed up!


Thank you! I grew up watching and playing with my little ponies (80s baby). I remembered having a mint green one but I can’t remember if the hair was baby pink and purple. The punk rocker one came to mind while looking at yours.


Do you have to have tic tok? I don’t so and refuse to join that app however I do have Instgram. Just followed you in Instagram


Following either or will suffice :two_hearts: thank you!


Awesome I’ve applied and completed all the requirements then :grin:. This is super cute.