(Closed) Tester call for Crochet: Small bow (version 2 of my bow series)

I need testers for my Small bow (version 2 of my bow series) - Crochet ePattern
Click pattern photo to apply:

Hi all, with my first ever pattern in the testing phase I thought I would post version 2! It is very similar to version 1 with a few changes to make it more symmetrical. I need some testers to see if I missed anything and that my pattern is easy to follow.

:heart: Be able to finish it within a few days of being picked(Friday Jan. 19th), it doesnt take much time or yarn to crochet.
:orange_heart: Be able to give feedback (good and bad) and send pictures by midnight of the closing date.
:yellow_heart: I would like some people to use the same yarn and hook I did but am also curious to see what it would look like with other yarns and hooks too.
:green_heart: You do not have to do a journal but I would be thankful if you did.
:blue_heart: I would enjoy seeing them on some amigurumi if you would like to but you do not have to.

If you are interested in testing click the photo to apply and comment what yarn and hook you think you would like to use. I will be picking testers on Wednesday morning (I dont really have a set amount in mind for this testing so I will probably pick quite a few people). After testing I will be having this pattern as a freebee for followers since it is not one of the better in the series of bows I created. I will gift the pattern to anyone that finishes testing and gives feedback by closing date. If you want to see the rest of the series or test them then keep an eye out for my next tester call.

PS. I didnt feel like retyping this from my last call so it will sound almost identical.


I applied and would like to use Sweet Snuggles Lite with a 5.5 mm hook.


Ive never seen that yarn before, looking forward to seeing how it turns out​:heart:


Ok great!


I’m all signed up!! I would love to use my go to D hook 3.25mm in light purple big twist yarn. I will also make one in your choices and journal as well! I look forward to it!! Thank you​:purple_heart::star::crescent_moon:

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THANK YOU!!:purple_heart::star: I will get these done asap! Im so excited to do my very first test!!!:blush::purple_heart:

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Soo cute

i loved v1 of the bow and would be happy to test v2!! id still use #6 bernat blanket and an 8mm hook :))

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when can i get the pattern to start?

I will be assigning testers tommorrow morning


I would be happy to test this version as well :smile:


Awesome, thank you! Ive approved you, cant wait to see it​:grin:


This pattern is adorable!! I will definitely make more and recommend it to anyone. Pattern works up very quickly and easy to follow! Thank you for allowing me to test it! Love it!:purple_heart::blue_heart:

D hook 3.25mm with Big Twist Cerulean Blue med (4)

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